First Birthday Invitations

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Hard to believe your little babe is one year old already! Invite everyone to the celebration with 1st birthday invitations that you'll treasure forever. Year one is a very special birthday for so many reasons, one of which being you get to choose the theme! Sure, your little one might have a few favorite things at this age to help guide your choice but the full-on cartoon crushes and color obsessions are at least another year away, so have fun choosing the one year birthday party invitations you both want!

Here are some of our favorite themes for 1st birthdays:

Hot Air Balloons - So whimsical and fun, hot air balloon birthday party invitations let you get incredibly creative with decorations and food.

Cake! - The main attraction for the first birthday party is the cake, right? Not just the cake but the cake smashing photo you seriously can't wait to get. We think cake-themed birthday party invitations are awesome for inviting friends and family.

Balloons - Classic but perfect. Balloons will always make for a great birthday party decoration and they're a great design element on first birthday party invitations. Every kid loves them, and they're affordable!

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