Surprise Birthday Party Invitations

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Are you planning a surprise birthday party? We’ve got invitations for a variety of parties including birthday milestones like 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th birthdays. Make sure the party looks as good as the surprise birthday party invitations with Custom Party Decorations. You’ll find a ton of great options for jazzing up the venue and creating some memorable keepsakes for the guest of honor.

3 Reasons Printed Invitations Are Best for Surprise Parties

1. It's way easier to keep a secret when social media isn't involved! Mailing invitations is ideal for alerting friends and family of an upcoming surprise party.

2. If the occasion is special enough to merit the effort of planning a surprise party, the occasion deserves professionally printed invitations.

3. You get to create a custom party invitation that will wow guests and generate the kind of excitement needed to ensure a great turnout for the party.

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