First, let us introduce ourselves. We are the marketing specialists behind Pear Tree Greetings…who and what is Pear Tree Greetings you ask? Hold on, I’ll get to that. Well, maybe that should come first, but you’ll just have to wait.

Me: Christy, creeping up to 30 years old, married with child (since April…the child part, not the married part), in the process of building a house, love scrapbooking, minor obsession with paper products. So it’s a cool thing I work with greeting cards.

I’ll let Angie step in and introduce herself, but at least you know her name now.

To the good stuff. Pear Tree Greetings. This site is going to be THE place to find stylish and trendy photo cards, Christmas cards, photo gifts, stationery gifts…and we’re just going to keep adding more, and more, and more…you get the idea. And one of the best parts? It’s affordable. That’s key. As you can see in my little bio I didn’t have anything about ‘unsure what to do with all my extra cash I have lying around’. And even if I did, it’d probably go towards a toilet paper holder for one of the bathrooms in my house.

Anyways. That’s the start. We are working day in and day out trying to get our site up and ready, we’re hoping to launch in August. This year will be primarily focused on Christmas product, but, like I said before, we’re working hard on adding more occasions (baby announcements, etc.).

So, keep checking back as we’ll be adding more and more tips, ideas, trends, more about us, how Pear Tree came to be and more.