Fantasy football that is. My husband’s friend forced (literally forced, my husband wanted nothing to do with it) him to get involved in a fantasy football league. My husband is not one of those that is on the computer 100% of the time…like me. Anyways. We were both a little skeptical if he was even going to do it, who would keep it up, me or him, etc. Wouldn’t you know…we are both obsessed. It’s all we do it seems, all day Sunday, and Monday night. We are truly enjoying it, not only cheering for our hometown team (who finally won this weekend, pathetic) but cheering for ‘our guys’ and constantly checking the computer to see how many points we got on a certain play or how many the other guy got, etc. Maybe this initial excitement will die off…but for now, we’re hooked.

Oh, and, we won this weekend. A score of 116 to 94. And our opponent’s kicker even got 12 points last night. Whew. We’re now 2-1.