This past weekend, my friend Sarah and I attended our second annual Scrapfest weekend. Once again, we had a blast, stayed up too late (was really looking forward to getting lots of sleep without having to tend to Connor), ate too much, and didn’t probably get that much ‘scrapping’ in. We have decided that we will forever (providing no other important life events happen on the same weekend…and they’d have to be pretty important) continue to attend Scrapfest, but we will never ‘fit in’. Yes, we scrapbook, and we love it, but no, we will never have matching shirts made, never roll suitcases around the Mall of America with all of our scrapping supplies and never cheer and yell when we win a prize…nothing against those that do…that’s just not for us.

I will comment that the classes this year were completely awesome. Not only did we learn great new things, try great new products, but the vendors gave out TONS of goodies in every class. It really makes you feel like you made a haul…especially when we paid for the classes months ago 😉 Ha.

A few projects from the weekend, I made a ‘Grandma Brag Book’ for my mom, as a thank you for taking Connor all weekend, some cute little wall/door hangings for 3 of my friends that just had babies (and one for myself) and then two mini acylic books (not shown), which are all the rage right now. I have everything purchased to create my house album in an acrylic mini book…just need to sit down and think it out. It’s hard…can’t just create a page, have to be aware of what the back will look like.

Some snapshots of the projects.

6a00e5539d5b848833010534aeb7ec970b-800wi6a00e5539d5b848833010534aeb83c970b-800wiScrapbookI really try and avoid having to personally write in my projects, as I hate my handwriting, but it’s so much quicker and easier than either using rub-ons or printing it out. It’ll work, and my mom loved it 🙂 Black and white with a little bit of color is really popular right now, check out a few of the photo card designs on Pear Tree Greetings featuring this design trend.

Merriment Photo Holiday Card Photo Holiday Card Hugs & Kisses - Sky Photo Holiday Card Multiple Moments Christmas Photo Card - Choose from 12 Background Designs!

And the baby wall hangings. Sorry for the terrible photography. Taken in the bathroom of the hotel we were at…was the best lighting (and obviously is still bad)Baby Wall HangingsBaby Wall HangingsBaby Wall HangingsBaby announcements are COMING SOON to Pear Tree! If you need one sooner than that, be sure to e-mail me (, we’ll take care of you!