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Sick of just seeing ‘Love, the Johnson Family’, or ‘Marc, Jenni and Kellen Johnson on greeting cards? Want to add some flair to your holiday photo cards or Christmas cards this year? Look below for some clever signature ideas to spice it up!

[ the johnsons ]


Marc * Jenni * Kellen

Marc | Jenni | Kellen


marc. jenni. kellen.

THE JOHNSON FAMILY: Marc, Jenni + Kellen

marc – jenni – kellen

and there are so many more options. Experiment with your keyboard (put all those random characters to use!), change up going all caps, all lowercase or using both upper and lower.

Think beyond the comma.

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We are a small company of 17 people who create beautiful things out of paper. We are also moms, dads, sisters, and friends who, just like you, love to share.
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