Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to get the opportunity to blog here on Pear Tree – my first blogging ever! A little background on me: My name is Meigan Westermann. I’m almost 37, I have lived in the same small city almost my entire life, I work here part-time and have a home business. I married a high school friend (we didn’t become sweethearts until years and miles later) and we have 3 little boys, ages 9, 6 and 4. We also have a cat and a puppy and until recently 2 gerbils as well (I had to stop the madness). We live in a sweet little house on a sweet little street and we alternate our time between being completely content with our lives and wondering how we ended up in what we affectionately refer to as The Crazy Place. Little boys are LOUD! But incredibly sweet when they want to be.

So, Christy had requested that I share stories and thoughts on home, family and some organizational things down the road. A few weeks ago I happened to mention to her that it was officially Westermann Family Fun Night and she begged me to blog it. Here’s how it goes:

Westermann Family Fun Night is typically a Friday night. I start with the menu – it includes all the stuff I usually do not allow my children to eat… pizza rolls, cheese dip, cocktail weenies, shrimp, cheese and crackers, age-appropriate cocktails and ice cream sundaes for dessert. I set all this up buffet-style on our kitchen counter and let the kids choose exactly what they want. The only rule is they have to have at least two carrot sticks and the rest is a free-for-all! Now here’s the part that makes my boys think that I have lost my mind. Instead of sitting family-style for dinner as usual, they each get to pick out a game and bring it to the kitchen table, and we all play a game WHILE EATING OUR SNACK SUPPERS ON PAPER PLATES! Talk about a giggle-fest. After dinner, my husband and I clean up while the boys pick out a movie and get into their jammies. We end the evening with a family movie and our sundaes.

My kids think it is the best evening ever and we now try to have family fun night around once a month. With all the running we do, we find it a great way to stay at home and enjoy each other again.

If you have your own version of ‘Family Fun Night’ please comment or email your story to us!