Let me tell you how fun it has been checking my email lately! Your feedback has been awesome!

Here’s just a snippet of the comments I’ve received so far!

I am in love with the product on this site!!! You have hit the nail on the head.  Your price point is comparable, if not better than the competition, plus your products are awesome.  I promise you, I will be purchasing my Christmas cards from this site.  Great job.

Melanie G.

Oh my gosh!!!  I was just on the site for the first time – Love it, love it, love it!  I’m sending it to my entire family!

-Rachel H.

I saw this site and checked it out, I was really impressed and forwarded the URL to about 15 different friends and family members.

P.S.  The site looks really great and I look forward to buying from it.

Jonathan H.

Just wanted to let you ladies know that I heard about Pear Tree just this morning. I checked it out and it looks fabulous!!!! I think the new products are beautiful and you put together a wonderful site!  Congratulations!!

-Nancy W.

Just want to tell you what a TERRIFIC site you have.
Each design is better than the next, the prices are great (unlike every
other cool design site) and the web site is very intuitive. Hooray
somebody who realized people want cool designs but don’t want to break
the bank doing so. Thank you so much! I just placed my order 🙂

Michelle B.

I am in LOVE with these cards and will be ordering them for our Christmas cards. I can’t wait to have the most unique cards of anyone!!

Brandi C.

Keep it coming! I would love to hear from each and every one of you! Email me at christy@peartreegreetings.com