So, you’ve graduated. You’ve had your open house. Now what? Undoubtedly, you have been given a variety of gifts, including checks and cash and cards, from family members and friends who helped you celebrate your graduation. So now is the time to thank them for their kindness and their support.

This may sound simple, but for grads who are used to texting, writing a note is like landing on the moon. It’s been done, and is not something we need to do anymore. Unfortunately, social etiquette says otherwise, and so do all of the people who were there for you at your graduation party. So here are a few graduation thank you card ideas that will help get you started.

Step 1: Thank people in person, if possible, especially those who make it to your open house. Then, send a graduation thank you card at a later date to show your full appreciation.

Step 2: Make a list of everyone you invited to your graduation and open house. Most likely this will mirror, or at least be close to, your list for graduation thank you cards.

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Step 3:
Choose thank you cards that fit both you and your budget. Graduation thank you card ideas come in many different styles, from those featuring school colors to more trendy colors to those that even feature your photo. Also consider choosing graduation thank you cards that match your graduation invitations.

Step 4: Re-check your list to make sure you have included everyone who has given you a gift or attended your grad party. It is a good idea to have someone write down exactly what each person gave you while you open the cards and gifts. This way you don’t have to rely on your memory. Don’t forget about other important people in your life, such as coaches, teachers, counselors and mentors.

Step 5: Within each graduation thank you card, write a personal note for the recipient. Even something simple will suffice, but any personal touch shows that you care and appreciate the gift-giver’s kindness.

Step 6: When sealing the graduation thank you cards, re-check to make sure you have enclosed the right card in the envelope with the corresponding address. You wouldn’t want to send the card to the wrong person!

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For a finishing touch, choose have your envelopes professionally personalized to save a ton of time or check out the fun collection of graduation address labels at Pear Tree. Many of our graduation invitations and graduation announcements have matching graduation address labels available!

Look for matching thank you notes when you order your graduation invitations at Pear Tree. And be sure to read more graduation thank you card ideas on our blog.
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