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Mommy cards to meet new moms! #peartreegreetings  Mommy cards to meet new moms! #peartreegreetings
Our product design team has been crazy busy lately bringing you ALL kinds of new products…we are so excited. The first of which I want to introduce to you is our new collection of mommy cards!

What are mommy cards, you ask? Well…consider it like a business card for your personal use. Have you ever been introduced to the parent of one of your child’s classmates or friends only to forget their name minutes later? Or wanted to set up a play date with someone you just met who happens to have children the same age as you, but you don’t have her phone number?

Enter mommy cards.

Now you no longer have to search for a pen in the bottom of your purse or use a deposit slip from your checkbook as a piece of paper. All of your information is right there. Perfect!

Check out the entire collection of mommy cards today! And for more fun mommy and kids ideas, keep reading our blog.

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We are a small company who loves to create beautiful things out of paper. We are also moms, dads, sisters, and friends who, just like you, love to share.
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