Neighborhood Halloween Idea

My husband and I have only been in our neighborhood for a little over a year. We love it! We’ve been invited to Easter egg hunts, pumpkin carving parties and more. Last night we were officially ‘ghosted’. My husband went to open the door after the door bell rang only to find a ghost taped to our window and a basket of Halloween treats on the door step. We received specific instructions on how to then ‘ghost’ any house in the neighborhood that doesn’t have a ghost on the window, with the goal of having the entire neighborhood ghosted by Halloween. One of the best Halloween ideas we’ve seen!

Halloween Tradiation

Halloween Tradiation

Halloween Tradiation

Does your neighborhood have any traditions or Halloween ideas like this? We’d love to hear about them! Or if you want to see exactly what our instruction sheet said comment on this post and I’ll send you a copy!

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  1. Great! Since my son isn’t able to ring a doorbell and run necessarily…my husband ghosted a neighbor last night, was pretty hilarious to see him running down the street! I will have instructions up shortly!

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