Halloween will soon be here. Are you ready? I think this year might be my last year of being able to stay home, hand out candy and relax. I feel I’ll be a nervous wreck next year when my son will actually be old enough to go trick-or-treating. Will he be warm enough? Do I really let him eat all of that candy? Should he eat any of that candy? Will he even enjoy or understand trick-or-treating?

Normally I’m not this paranoid…I think I’m just coming to terms with my baby being all grown up! Must be time for another…ha.

We have two moms on our Pear Tree Greetings team who have children that are old enough to trick-or-treat, so I asked them for a few of their trick or treating tips.

-Tell your child that you’re worried they won’t be able to carry all of their candy in one bag so you need to make a pit stop at home to get a new bag. That way, the spouse that isn’t out trick-or-treating can sort through the candy and possibly lighten their load.

-Even if your child is beyond nap age…try to sneak one in on Halloween afternoon. The evening will be more enjoyable for all!

-Give your older children a flashlight or glow necklace so they are easily seen at night.

-Try to stay within familiar neighborhoods.

-ENJOY every moment, take LOTS of pictures and definitely let them have at least a few pieces of candy…

These are pretty basic trick or treating tips, but if this is your first year doing it, it’s always good to hear from the experts. If you have any other tips, we’d love to hear your comments! And for more Halloween ideas, keep reading our blog!

Image by: Country Living