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Well, Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone. What does that mean? Wedding planning season has begun! Granted, not everyone gets engaged over the holidays, but, I’m sure there are a few out there that did!

So, whether you recently got engaged, have been for months or even if you’re married already we want to hear your engagement story! We’ll pick our favorite story and that person will win $100 towards any purchase at PearTreeGreetings.com. Maybe you want to check out our collection of Save the Date cards, just a thought.

Can’t wait to hear all of your stories! You have from today through January 30th (official rules here) to post a comment to this blog post including your engagement story in 150 words or less. Winner will be selected by February 8th.

I’ll start us off 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Engagement Story Contest

  1. It was the one year anniversary from our first official date (unbeknownst to me, but he remembered). We were on our way to pick up something from his friend’s house, who happened to now live in the house I grew up in. We pull into the driveway to find a 30’ banner attached to the house saying ‘Will You Marry Me Christy?’. I was so completely surprised I couldn’t talk or even get out of the car. He came over to open my car door and help me out and then got down on one knee. He had a red carpet laid out up to a hayride on which we rode into town, picked up all of our friends and celebrated at the local bar. I will never forget that day and the best part, his friend was videotaping the entire thing!

  2. My on/off again boyfriend of four years had left for basic training in the Army in July and started writing me letters when he got there. Writing was his only form of communication – so the letters kept getting more mushy as time went on. We had been exchanging letters for about a month and I was anxiously awaiting the next letter, when it arrived it was a marriage proposal! Luke wrote a full page about how wonderful I am and wanting to spend his life with me and the 2nd page just said, “Will you marry me? Yes or No? Check a box and return to sender. I love you.”
    I checked Yes and mailed it back and we were able to talk a week later and then tell our families.

  3. I met my wife working on a Ship in Lebanon. My wife is from the USA and I am from Canada. We both worked onboard a ship for a non-profit organisation. After 4 years working and traveling to 41 countries and dating for 3 years we were ready to return to our homes and figure out what our future would be.
    During our final year i began planning what would be the perfect engagment (consider that I was a volenteer for the past 4 years which = very little money). She is very hard to suprise because she always see it comming. During the year leading up to our engagement i would randomly talk about how excited my parents got when my two olders sisters got engaged and how they have made me promise that i will get engaged close to home so that i can bring her home and party. She also believed that I felt it was very important to ask her father for her hand face to face. (to put it clear I worked very hard and in her mind there was no possible way i was going to ask before getting back to north america) Well i had pick out the ring and had it sitting in my drawer on the ship and we were ready to leave for ROME!!!!!
    Angie was very tired and wanted a little time just the two of us before returning home so i brought up the idea of going to Rome. We were in denmark at the time and Rome was probably the only city that she really wanted to see. So to rome we went.
    Now i’m a very adventurous guy and asked her if she were up to some “crime” (on the ship we did allot of pranks and called them “crime”). I told her that I thought that it would be possiable to sneek into the Coliseum in the middle of the night so that because the story we wanted to make. This was perfect I had planned it and she was following it. Good so far except for i had no idea if we could actually get in except for my desire for a perfect engagement and some looks at online pictures of the fences around this amazing structure.
    The Big Night came and we went to the Coliseum. It was a beautiful night, with a full moon, nice weather, and even better very few people. Part of the beauty of january travels. We walked around a few times looking for the perfect place and getting more and more excited and nervous all at the same time.
    With cobble stone walkways and the arches in the background, and the moonlight illluminating that coliseum I new it was going to happen. It was to beautiful to walk about with out have the ring on this girl. We finally figured on the best because it turned out that the fence was better built than the pictures i had seen. but i wasnt going to be stopped. We sat against the fence as if we were just enjoying a nice night. It was innocent except for the fact that i had my around her and was digging a hole with a sharp rock i had found. After the hole was big enough we looked both ways and i sliped under the fence and then pulled her after. The game was on.
    We got in and were standing on the platform in the middle of the coliseum. I put my bag a little ways back and of coures we needed a picture. I told her to wait and went to my bag. I took off the jacket i was wearing and had on a nice white shirt and grabbed a little box and headed back. She was confused why i had changed (she didnt have a clue) I looked at her and said angie I dont want to go home unless i can take a fincee with me, with that i got down on one knee confessed my undying love and asked her to marry me. and guess what!!!! SHE SAID YES

  4. It was around the first of November I met him in Lake Chelan. he had already visited my father on the job and asked him if he could marry me. He said he wanted to take me on a drive to Silver Falls Wa. we loved to hike together and absolutly loved waterfalls. We had previously planned to set up our camera and take pictures of us when he got there. We hiked the falls which was gorgeous as usual and when we got to the top we crossed the bridge and were enjoying the gorgeous falls. I was sitting up the camera to take some pics of us on the bridge I looked up and he was knelt down on the bridge. Ok so this might sound crazy but we are Christian and both very serious about this. So silly I thought he was down praying. He was not. He was waiting for me to come up to him while on the bridge, and I was staying back waiting for him to be done praying. I finally went up there and he took my hand and asked me to marry him.

  5. One year, my boyfriend (at the time) and I had gone to visit my parents in Southern California. We decided to all go wine tasting and all got pleasantly tipsy in the process. Well, the next year, we planned a similar trip. The day we had planned to wine taste we went to one who finally built a tasting room (the previous year, they just had tasting in the same warehouse they were barelling the wine).
    Camera-in-hand I went around snapping pictures while little-did-I-know, my parents and boyfriend were selecting the perfect situation for him to pop the question. I came back to the tasting room and met them for some wine tasting. We decided to all have a picnic lunch there. SUDDENLY, my dad had a phone call from work and had to go in and sign some documents. My step-mom went with him to ensure he didn’t spend more time than necessary. I was totally bummed because I thought we were all going tasting together.
    My boyfriend and I decided to continue with the picnic. We open a bottle of wine and as I’m cutting up some fruit and cheese, he reaches down to grab some “crackers” from the basket. He, instead, pulls out a closed ring box. I was speechless and half thinking it was earrings. Shocked, I opened it up to see a beautiful round solitaire diamond ring. I waited for what felt like 5 minutes, but didn’t hear any speech or nothing – just saw a big smile on my boyfriend.
    I put the ring on, tears streaming down, and said YES! My parents pulled back into the parking lot – smiling from ear to ear. Even the folks in the tasting room came out and all gave us a big round of applause and a free bottle of wine. I love surprises and that is one I will never forget.

  6. In 2007 I met my now fiance Drake. His church from New Mexico had decided to go on a missions trip to Indiana for a national youth convention and our church decided to help out by volunteering to house some youth and adults. He was one of the adults that had stayed at my house and we ended up talking and getting to know each other. After he went back to New Mexico we constantly thought about each other and he found me again on Myspace in 2008. We started dating on July 15, 2008. We met again in August and have been flying to see each other about every six months. He proposed to me on June 1, 2009 after 11 months of dating. We started that night with Drake taking me to the first place that we kissed, which was my garage. A weird place but he kissed me there to calm me down because I was mad at my brother. We then went to the first place that we had our first date which was the Cheesecake Factory. The final place that we went to was the very first place that we met which was the parking lot of my church. We then got out of the car and he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

  7. I had been through a rough divorce (I guess they’re all rough)and was looking for a house to rent for my kids and me. Saw a “FOR RENT” sign on a cute little place just down the street so I called to enquire and then made an appointment with the landlord to view it. He was cute!! and awfully shy and sweet, but we ended up talking for hours. Signed a lease and moved in. I had mentioned I liked gardening and about a week after I moved in I came home to find Mr. Landlord rototilling a small plot in the backyard. I made him a sandwich and again we talked for hours. So I started breaking small things, he’d come over, fix them, eat a sandwich and talk. But he never asked me out, Iknew he wasn’t married so after about a month I finally said I wanted to go to the movies, and hated going alone, would he be interested in coming with me? He blushed soooo red, but said sure. And we had more dates after that and he admitted he would have never asked me out while I was a tenant because he did not want to put me in a compromising situation. Three years later he took me on my dream vacation – a tour of ancient ruins in Turkey. We were scheduled to take a hot air balloon flight in Cappodocia at the end of our trip. Cappodocia is like the Grand Canyon of Turkey, but much cooler, whole cities were dug into the mountains and underground and the landscape looks like an alien planet. The morning of the flight we watched as the balloons were filled in the dark. We got in our balloon basket with 8 other people and the balloon lifted just as the sun rose. It was beautiful! I thought i’d be afraid, but Richard had his arm around me and I was completely absorbed taking in every little thing below us. We were going over a beautiful valley with tall rock formations and our pilot announced it was called Love Valley becasue of the shape of the rock spires (use your dirty minds here) Then I heard Richard say “Linda – I have something for you” I turned and he had a box from my favorite jeweler in his hand, open to show an engagement ring. It took a split second for what was happening to register in my mind – but then he slipped the ring on my finger and kissed me. Everyone cheered – we got three glasses of champagne when the balloon landed, and Richard properly got down on his knee and proposed when we got back to our hotel. He still won’t tell me where and how he hid that ring for two weeks!

  8. It was the best vacation we’ve had in NYC. Kevin and I went to NYC for a little vacation getaway in December 2006. Little did I know after 6 years of dating he had something up his sleeve. I assumed it would be just another vacation time we spent together. We ended up going to dinner at a steakhouse in the city, ate dinner, drank some wine and had an amazing time. Then we headed over to the Rockafeller center to go on top of the “rock” as they call it, (which is the roof top of like a 90 story building.) to take a look at the entire city. Talk about break taking view. It was gorgeous. Kevin was planning to propose up there I later found out but while we were there I need to use the restroom from drinking so much at dinner. =) So we went back down and later in the night back at the hotel, he called me over and got down on his knee and told me how much he loved me and cared about me and said “Lacey, will you marry me?” I cried and laughed and said yes. Although his plan didn’t exactly pan out the way he wanted it was still a shock and a romantic moment. I feel like it was just yesterday and its already been 3 years.

  9. I have been with my fiancee for over 5 years until he finally popped the question. Prior to his proposal, we have always discussed about getting married one day but just not now because I was still going through my last year of nursing school. We both agreed to wait until I was done with school before we would get married. I was getting close to graduation but he never mentioned anything else about getting married. It was the day right after I had completed my last final and he asked me to go on a dinner cruise to celebrate. We had delicious food, beautiful night light scenery at the beach in San Diego, and perfect timing for fireworks. After we had watched the firework show, he started telling me how happy I make him feel and asked me to be his wife and of course I said yes.

  10. My engagement story is perhaps the most unique because I got engaged in front of 100 of my closest family and friends. In the Vietnamese tradition, there is an engagement ceremony. It’s not only the promise to join your two lives together, but the union of both families. Though I feel like I missed out on the more typical romance of getting engaged, I wouldn’t trade it in for anything! It was a beautiful, joyous day.

  11. With a huge headache from a VERY long day at work, he called and said we’re going to my favorite reastraunt, but I said no. Then he suggested we order in, but nothing sounded good. With his annoyance growing I finally agreed on pizza. I couldn’t understand why he had gone into the bedroom to order the pizza. After it was delivered, I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t open the box right away. I didn’t because I really didn’t want pizza. He walked into the kitchen to get drinks and asked me to put his pizza on his plate. Wondering what his deal was and thinking that my headache was never going away, I gave in and opened the box to get him his pizza. Written inside the box was “Will you marry me?” and when I looked up he had the ring out. I said yes!

  12. My fiance and I had a long distance relationship from the start. I met him while visiting friends in New Orleans, but I lived in Houston. I was thrilled when the very next weekend, he drove 6 hours to come see me in Texas – just to take me out ice-skating! Three years later, he’d moved to Houston to be with me, and we were still going strong. On my 25th birthday, he told me he wanted to take me out ice-skating. I thought this was a very sweet way to remember our first date. I had no idea that he was planning to propose, but while we were skating around the rink, he got down on one knee (not an easy feat in skates!). I said yes, and our wedding is in 6 weeks 🙂

  13. We met when I was sixteen, he was eighteen. We both thought we were far too young to get married and he wanted to sow his “wild oats” and we went our separate ways 4 years later. In 2009, we ran into each other again. Both being single, we decided to see where our feelings led this time around. He is now in the national guard and he drove me out to an airfield where he proceeded to get in an airplane. When he parachuted down, in his hand was the ring. He landed not far away and when i got there he proposed saying, I’d jump the world for you 🙂

  14. My husband and I met at church. We were dating for about 2 years and we went on winter retreat with our college group at church. We were at a camp with a lake and it was a few days after christmas. We were having a great time and Jon invited me to go take a walk along the lake and take pictures (I’m an amateur photographer) well I didn’t get the hint he wanted to take a walk alone with just me, so I invited a bunch of our friends. lol Well we all walked along the lake and then went to all sit and talk in a nearby gazebo. So Jon said he had to get something out of his car. So I went with him and I was being sassy. I said we got everything out of the car! Well then he got down on on knee and surprised me. I was totally shocked and he was so nervous he was shaking. It was so cute. He then wanted to go to share the news with our friends and I was so shy I kept hiding behind him. Looking back on it, I didn’t know why I was being so silly. But my friend who happens to be a boastful person, yelled it out to everyone. It was a really awesome memory and I could never forget it. My husband and I have been married for almost 2 years now and getting stronger and stronger in our relationship. 🙂

  15. Christmas Eve 2008, I forgot my lunch at home. I called my (now)fiance and asked if he would be able to bring me a sandwich. Lunchtime is a little unpredictable and he sat in his car waiting for almost an hour before I finally came out. He said he would eat with me, and suggestd we drive a couple of blocks to look out over Lake Superior while we ate. While he was driving, I made a couple of phone calls – including call one to my father, who acted rather strange, and even said “Is that all??” when I hung up the phone. As I finished my sandwich and we ended our discussion of the Christmas celebration taking place at our home that evening, he reached into his jacket pocket, looked at me, and asked me to marry him. I was so excited and overwhelmed and surprised that I can’t remember a word he said – though I’m sure it was sweet! Of course, I called my mother and father right away and found that my fiance had called my dad to ask his permission just before he picked me up, and that was why he acted so strangely! They were both as excited as I was, and we were able to celebrate with both of our families that evening. We recently postponed our wedding until November 2010, as his mother passed away a short time ago… but I am so glad that we got the chance to celebrate with her! It was the most amazing Christmas of my entire life. I always say, “I asked for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and I got an engagement ring!”

  16. Tom (my boyfriend at the time) and I were traveling to visit my best friend in Atlanta. We had boarded the plane and reached our max altitude. All of a sudden, the flight attendant came over the PA and asked for everyone’s attention. Everyone got quiet to hear the flight attendant announce a story about Melissa and Tom and how much they like to travel and how excited Tom was to take this trip because he wanted to see if Melissa would spend her life together with him. Of course I said yes, everyone cheered and the beverage cart came around with champagne!

  17. “We started over coffee, we started out as friends, it’s funny how from simple things, the best things begin.” Lyrics by B. Adams & B. Streisand “I finally found someone.”
    I met my future husband, Paul, at Caribou Coffee. He was the barista, I was addicted to coffee, and the scenery was easy on the eyes 🙂 Our first official date was dinner at an old mansion in St. Paul, Forepaughs. A year into our relationship, I took a trip to Boston with his mom. Over dinner, she suggested we plan a “surprise 25th birthday party” for Paul. I spent the next 2 months planning the perfect party with all of our friends and family. His mom also suggested that I should take him to dinner at Forepaughs before the “surprise party”. Great idea, I thought! So, there we were, at dinner, and I am giddy as a school girl because I have this “surprise party” planned. But, wait, what is he doing?! He’s getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him?! But…how did he…And then it ALL made sense! He had me think I was planning his “surprise birthday party”, when all along it was really our engagement party! Of course I said YES, after I called him a jerk for tricking me 🙂 We’ve been married 6 amazing years in May.

  18. It was New Year’s Eve 2000, and we had dinner together at home after coming back from a B&B for a few days. I thought he might propose on our trip, but didn’t. I don’t remember a lot of the details, except I’ll never forget the question: “Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”. It was old-fashioned and perfect.

  19. Cam and I met in college and share many interests including a love of skiing and the outdoors. So one November night, Cam took me to the Warren Miller ski show for the 4th year together and then out for dessert. Instead of taking me home, Cam took me to his parents’ lake cabin where we took a cold midnight kayak ride. Cam had more planned and I found out that one of my roommates had secretly packed an overnight bag. The next morning Cam woke me up at 4:30am, I was blindfolded and driven about an hour. I ended up at the bottom of the ski resort where we both ski patrolled. I realized at this point, we were hiking. Tired and cold I admit wanting to quit a few times but Cam wouldn’t have it and we eventually made it to the top of the resort where he had hot chocolate and snacks. He read me a letter and a passage from the Bible, then pulled out an avalanche transceiver. I had never used one before so I got a quick lesson and we started walking around the top of the mountain. As we walked, the sound got louder and louder as we walked toward a specific area. I got down and dug in the snow where the transceiver had picked up the strongest signal. I found a plastic bag with the other transceiver and a ring box. Of course, Cam hadn’t buried the real one but instead a braided leather one. After looking a little perplexed I found him on his knee with the real ring he had had safely in his pocket. I tackled him and of course said yes.
    While that was most of it, a few surprises awaited. Because it was prior to the actual ski season, some hunters were walking around up by where we were. As we were happily making our way down. A hunter stopped and asked if we were filming something. Cam tried to play it off as somebody must be making a documentary. But the hunter wouldn’t let it go and said there were people watching us with a tripod set up. It didn’t take long to make Cameron tell me the whole story. He had had two of his best friends hike up just ahead of us, they had hid the transceiver and then hid in trees just 20 feet from us and took pictures. A little creepy hahah  I had know idea, and I had said a few embarrassing things that I obviously didn’t think anyone had heard… which of course made for a hilarious toast from his 2 best men at our wedding.
    The last surprise was a big engagement party back at his parent’s house with my whole family and his and some of our closest friends.
    It was such a creative way to “find” my ring and get asked… even if it was hard work it was well worth it!

  20. On our first date, I told my now husband that in order for things to work out he had to learn how to ski. That winter I taught him how to ski and many of our first dates were at our local ski mountain. Two ski seasons later we were about to take our first run of the morning – it was the most perfect day – blue sky, warm sunshine and the most perfect conditions. We were at the top of the mountain enjoying the amazing view and the next thing I knew he was on one knee telling me how much he loved me and asked me to be his wife. It was the last thing I EVER expected at that moment in time, considering I was wearing a ski helmet and goggles! My husband knew how important skiing was to me and not only did he embrace the sport and love it, but he wanted to profess his love on the top of the mountain where our love truly began.

  21. Our fourth year at the Warren Miller ski show,
    Followed by a lake cabin and other plans I did not know.
    A roommate packed an overnight bag unbeknownst to I,
    After a midnight kayak ride we got some needed shut eye.
    4:30am I was blindfolded, an hour Cam would drive,
    To the bottom of the ski resort where we patrolled we arrived.
    After a long hike through the snow and rain,
    Cocoa and snacks waited at the top of the terrain.
    He read a letter and some scripture and an avalanche transceiver he pulled out,
    After quick instructions I eagerly walked about.
    After finding the strongest signal and digging in the snow,
    I found the other transceiver with a ring box buried below.
    I said YES!
    I later found out his best friends in trees just 20 feet away,
    Snapped pictures to show at a surprise party later that day.

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