Congrats to Amy C., the winner of our Engagement Story Contest! Thank you, Amy, for sharing your amazing story with us and for sending a few photos! Read her story below!

Amy won $100 of Pear Tree Greetings product!



Our fourth year at the Warren Miller ski show,
Followed by a lake cabin and other plans I did not know.




A roommate packed an overnight bag unbeknownst to I,
After a midnight kayak ride we got some needed shut eye.




4:30am I was blindfolded, an hour Cam would drive,
To the bottom of the ski resort where we patrolled we arrived.




After a long hike through the snow and rain,
Cocoa and snacks waited at the top of the terrain.




He read a letter and some scripture and an avalanche transceiver he pulled out,
After quick instructions I eagerly walked about.




After finding the strongest signal and digging in the snow,
I found the other transceiver with a ring box buried below.




I said YES!




I later found out his best friends in trees just 20 feet away,
Snapped pictures to show at a surprise party later that day.



The moment of the engagement! So cute!




Pictures from her gorgeous wedding and what a gorgeous bride! Thanks again for sharing, Amy!