Baby Nursery Photo Contest Finalists

Congrats to our top 5 finalists! We LOVED seeing all of the different nurseries, they were all so adorable! It was a tough decision, but the below entries have been selected as our top 5. Now it’s up to you! Comment on this post with your vote (all you need to do is include their number as identified below) by 11:59 CST on April 9th. The nursery with the most comments at that time will win a $300 VISA gift card and $100 in Pear Tree Greetings product! Good luck everyone!

1. Corey H.


2. Veronica F. from Houston, TX

3. Courtney B. from Longmont, CO


4. Jodi S. from Frisco, TX
Nursery contest

5. Kimberly C.


Vote away!ย Just add a comment to this blog post with the number listed above theย nursery’s photo. The nursery with the most votes at 11:59 CST on Aprilย 9th wins!

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625 thoughts on “Baby Nursery Photo Contest Finalists

  1. I LOVE #3… the “real” birdies in the tree added just the right playful touch. The whole room is so cheerful, calming, whimsical and simply beautiful!

  2. They are all darling, and what talented Moms and Dads and what lucky babies!
    But I’ve got to vote for #3, with the peach tree and the little birds sitting on the branches.
    So creative!
    Peggy T.

  3. #5 is the best!!! So beautiful!! Plus a little bird told me it was completely handmade by mommy….even the bedding!

  4. #3 Hands down! Love the soothing colors, so peaceful. Great colors for either a boy or a girl. The hand painted tree with “real birdies” is awesome! Great job Courtney!

  5. My vote is for #3 created by Courtney! Very soothing colors, and I loved the tree with the fuzzy bird and the green landscape painted on the walls.

  6. #5. Thanks for choosing my nursery as a finalist! And, a special thanks to all my friends and family who’ve already voted! Love to you all!

  7. I meant to say no.1.It is gorgous, feminine, and vibrant.I would feel like a princess if that were my room.

  8. My favorite is #1. Great colors and monogram – a room that a baby can still use as she grows into a young lady.

  9. Well, i personally think that they all (except the last one) are a bit over the top. that being said – i’m gonna vote for nursery #2 because i think its the most “kid-ish” without being obnoxious.

  10. #4 -I am so excited to be in the top 5!!! Thanks to those I know, and those I don’t for your votes. This has been fun!

  11. I feel like the last entry is getting a lot of “votes” but no one has anything to say about it specifically.
    I love the soothing traditional baby colors that #3 has used in a contemporary and fun way! A lot of thought went into maintaining the theme and the theme is very obvious. What is the theme in the last entry?

  12. I love the vibrant colors in #4 with the contrasting white furniture and black bookshelves. What a fun room!

  13. #5…I think i may be partial though…I spent almost 3 hours with Kim at the fabric store helping pick out that beautiful fabric!!!

  14. I vote #5. I personally like the ones I haven’t seen done before (#3 reminds me of a Pottery Barn photo). Kudos to those who sewed their bedding!

  15. I have been in #5 and the pictures don’t do it justice. There are great 3 dimensional birds flying across the wall, and the bedding is handmade, Just sayin… Maybe someone could re-crop the photo?

  16. all of these are very nice, what blessed children. I have to go with #3 as it creates a wonderful atmosphere for a little one to dream about

  17. #1 is so pretty, with it calm colors, soft furniture and the initial medallion over the crib is stunning. Very well done with excellent taste.

  18. #3 is adorable. It is by far the most soothing to the eye, which is so important for a baby. Love how it is gender neutral too.

  19. Number 5 is my favorite! She is extremely creative to come up with that design! I am also extremely impressed that she sewed everything herself!

  20. My husband and I vote for nursery #3. It is just darling with such pure, soft colors. The Peach Tree in the corner is so appropriate — a living, growing symbol of the future.

  21. I’m voting for #5,Kimberly C.
    Just imagine how many more votes you’d have gotten Kim, if the bird you painted on the light switch had been “fuzzy”

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