Graduation Advice: What Every High School Graduate Needs to Know

Laura, a longtime fan of Pear Tree Greetings, shares her experiences with us as she
prepares for her oldest child to graduate from high school.

This year, the anticipation of spring brings more than green grass and vibrant flowers. It also means that my first-born is leaving the house for the next big adventure: college. Have I taught her life essentials? Does she know not to mix colors and whites in her laundry? Will she remember to set her alarm? Eat her vegetables?

And those questions only cover the tip of the iceberg. With only a few more months at home, I try to impart a lesson here and there as we’re in the car or making dinner together. But I see how her eyes glaze over as I dish out a piece of advice along with a pork chop. But I can’t help myself. Honestly, I’m scared! I’m scared to send my only daughter out into this big world; my oldest child; my sweet innocent baby; my little love-muffin!

What graduation advice am I passing along that she hasn’t heard before? During this emotional year, I’ve moved past the trite (but important) lessons: don’t get into a car with someone who has been drinking, take school seriously, be responsible, don’t go home with strangers, don’t do drugs, etc.

But I have evolved, and rather than giving nagging advice, I’ve now changed my tune to focus on her accomplishments and strengths. I want her to remember the following:

  • We’re so proud of the person she is
  • Family matters more than anything else
  • Her kindness and compassion are important strengths that will guide her through many difficult situations
  • She has been, and will continue to be, a source of incredible joy to her parents
  • She is loved, loved, loved and oh, so cherished
  • We will always support her, love her, be there, cheer her along, adore her

I’m already stocking up on Kleenex in anticipation of her leaving for college, but I’m also happy for her and incredibly grateful that I had the good fortune to have her in my care for almost 19 years.

Got a graduate in the house? Look for more graduation advice on our blog!

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