Laura, a longtime fan of Pear Tree Greetings, shares her experiences with us as she
prepares for her oldest child to graduate from high school.

As I look out my kitchen window at the pile of stones, dirt, wheel barrels and workers in my backyard, I can’t help but think that high school graduations prompt more than the “pomp and circumstance” found in the graduation ceremony! Looking around my neighborhood where there are a fair share of upcoming graduation parties, I see that the occasion also brings about home remodeling projects ranging from additions to furniture purchases to backyard updates.

“High school graduation parties were invented by women who finally have a reasonable excuse to implement home projects,” is my husband’s favorite joke these days. Could there possibly be a grain of truth to my husband’s callousness? I know that my daughter’s impending graduation gave me the opportunity to rip out our old and outdated deck and replace it with a stone patio (and since we’re already doing the work I reasoned, we might as well put in a fire pit, hot tub and basketball court…).

What is it about high school graduations that prompt this type of response in otherwise responsible and practical people? And this at a time when impending college bills come due? All I know is that I want to give my daughter a memorable bon voyage party that reminds her that home is where the heart is and that she has a large group of loved ones in her life who wish her the best in her new adventures.

And there is all the more reason to celebrate her graduation against a backdrop of new furniture, fresh-laid sod, and a stone patio: after all, I’m practical – and killing two birds with one stone is merely what an efficient mother does!

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