note cardIn this world of emails, texts and tweets, there are still times when etiquette requires a handwritten note—thank you cards, condolence cards and wedding invitations are among them. But even birthday wishes and holiday card ideas are better when handwritten. And how often do we pick up a pen to tell an old friend that we miss them. Or say to our spouse, I am still very much in love with you. Or send a personalized note card to congratulate the kid down the street for making it onto the varsity team (and that all that free-throw shooting at 11 p.m. must’ve paid off).

Sure, a text or email is easier. But the simple act of putting a pen to paper has a magical effect on the words you write. Suddenly they seem more important, more meaningful, more memorable. You could have taken the easy route, but you didn’t. And that shows the person on the receiving end that you care.

At Pear Tree, we rely on email and electronic communication as much as anyone—after all, we are an online company! But we love to send handwritten notes whenever we can, simply because they’re so unexpected. And we know from experience what a joy it is to receive them. We hope you agree. Tell us what you think!

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