Make sending Halloween photo cards your tradition! #halloweenideas #halloween #peartreegreetings Make sending Halloween photo cards your tradition! #halloweenideas #halloween #peartreegreetings
I have discovered a holiday that offers great photo ops for kids and have claimed it for my own—Halloween. Ever since my son was born, I have managed to keep the tradition of sending Halloween photo cards every year. I seem to have a bit more time then, before the end-of-the-year activities accelerate into high gear. My family and friends enjoy, and now expect, my personalized Halloween card the week before Halloween.

We don’t do anything fancy; it’s just the kids in their costumes smiling (sometimes even happily). We have saved one card from every year, and enjoy looking at the progression and remembering how fun or how challenging they were to capture. It’s one of my Halloween ideas that has become a tradition, which we will continue for as long as possible, until the kids think it’s no longer cool, which will probably be too soon for our liking. For now, we snap the camera gleefully and relish the thought of our kids’ smiling faces on our relatives’ refrigerators for a few months. At least until they’re replaced by someone’s Christmas card.

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