Sharing Fall photos with photo cards

Fall Photo Ideas
Here at Pear Tree our team members come from all over the country, and it seems that no matter where we’re from, fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Is it the colorful foliage? The crisp weather? The new clothes? Or are we all just ready for a change of pace after our summer vacations? Whatever the reason, fall is the subject of many of our most-loved photos, and our best photo card ideas.

We are used to sharing photos by posting them on Facebook. But creating something from that photo, such as Halloween photo cards, personalized notepads or DIY cards, makes it a unique and personal way to express yourself. They’re also very handy to have around the house. Think of the times you’ve shopped for note cards, desperately looking for an image that suits you from among the sad-eyed dogs, cute babies, mischievous kittens and close-ups of flowers. Why not create your own DIY cards from an image you love and can truly call your own?

Our photo card ideas don’t look or feel like your average discount store photo cards. They are printed on elegant, 100 lb, high quality cardstock with a matte finish, and will truly be yours, using your photo and with (or without) your personalized message—perhaps a clever caption for your photo, or a simple credit with the date and location. Here’s another great photo card idea: if you have a friend who enjoys your photography, why not print a dozen extra and share them as a gift?

Shop now for DIY cards or Halloween photo cards to share your best photos. And for more fall and Halloween ideas, keep reading our blog.

Image by: Tara McGlinchey Photography

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We are a small company who loves to create beautiful things out of paper. We are also moms, dads, sisters, and friends who, just like you, love to share.
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