All Hail Snail MailHere’s a note one of us recently received from a good friend on her personalized stationery: “Hey chick, THANK YOU! Miss you! Love, Jane.” (Jane loves the exclamation point!) Yes, this thank you message could have been sent in seconds by email or text. But the truth is we all smile wider when we get a card in the mailbox. There’s something about seeing your friend’s familiar handwriting and knowing she took the time to sit down, write that note and put it in the mail, fully realizing that it would take 2 or 3 days to be hand delivered by a hard-working mail carrier.

You know how quickly an email gets deleted or forgotten. You also know how good it feels to get a handwritten personal note in the mail. Next time you are considering various thank you card ideas and the many e-options you have, think about picking up a pen and one of your very own note cards instead. It takes a few extra minutes, but the reward is making someone smile.

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