kids artworkAll year long my kids create art masterpieces of all shapes and sizes, in every medium from crayon to clay. Most of it gets put on display, albeit briefly, to be replaced by the next masterpiece a few days later. And when it comes off the fridge where does it go? In the pile. Actually, one of many piles stacked in various locations in our house. There is a pile in my closet, under each kid’s bed, on top of the fridge and on the top shelf in our family room. My brain knows that I cannot continue to hoard my children’s artwork, but my heart won’t let me throw it out. At least not right away. I have a few ideas for kids school projects to share.

Every year or two I go through the piles and pick out a few “period pieces” that capture where my child was at that point in time, and put them away for safekeeping. As for the rest, two ideas for kids school projects make good use of their artwork. First, I take a photo of the painting or 3-D art and create personalized note cards for my kids. They use them for any occasion all year long, and they love seeing their own artwork on the cards. Second, I save the large paintings and drawings and use them for wrapping paper. This is particularly fun when wrapping a gift from your child to someone else. It says, “this gift is especially from me to you,” like nothing else could. Best of all, it eliminates clutter and Mom guilt at the same time.

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