family timeWe took a poll of our team and asked everyone to share what they were looking forward to most at Christmas. Dani loves seeing her loved ones open the gifts she has carefully selected — gifts not on their lists but things she knows they will love. Angela loves sledding, kids with twinkling eyes on Christmas morning, and holiday cookies (no sugar-free ones, please). Wyatt can’t wait to host Christmas at home for the first time and build new traditions. Josh is looking forward to the White Elephant game, because he has the perfect gag gift (spoiler: it’s a snuggie with monkeys on it). Brandon admits he just wants days off to sleep. (Don’t we all?) Katie loves her boyfriend’s family tradition of putting a plastic Grinch in one of the wrapped presents. If you get it, you get to put it in someone else’s gift next year. All of us mentioned the food, and some of us mentioned the music. More than one person mentioned a few holiday drinks, too. But we think Thao summed it best when she captured it in one word: family. That’s what truly makes this the most wonderful time of the year.