Pear Tree Greetings is making Valentine’s Day more about the kids and less about the candy. Our Kids’ Valentine’s Day Cards are meant to be personalized, and made to get your kids involved. From choosing the design and message, to coloring, assembling, decorating, and mailing, every step is fun for the kids to do, and even more fun for loved ones to receive.

Watch our Valentine’s Day Hands-on Fun video to see how much fun valentine craft Ideas for kids can be. Kids can create their own artwork using Valentine Stickers, designed to coordinate with our cards. Or they can create a Valentine’s Day Coupon for a free hug, kiss, visit or phone call, and then personalize it with their photo—sure to be a hit with the relatives. They can color one of our specially designed Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards. And if the treat is everything, you’ll love our Bold Butterfly Candy Valentine cards. Kids can make a butterfly by inserting insert a lollipop into butterfly wings, printed with their own custom message. Now those are valentine craft ideas for kids that anyone with two thumbs can do!

Your kids will love creating these personalized Valentine’s Day cards, and we know a few grandparents who are going to love receiving them.

Look for more suggestions on Valentine’s Day card ideas for kids on our blog. You can also personalize these and any of our kids Valentine’s Day cards in minutes on our website. Be sure to check out our new collection of affordable classroom valentines while you’re there!