We’re so excited about our new Valentine’s Day card Ideas, we just had to show you in person. Watch the video above featuring our awesome collection, and see how you can be the coolest parent in the school by making your child into something they have always wanted to be — a queen or a robot! These uniquely personalized Valentine’s Day cards for kids are sure to get a “Wow!” from their friends and teachers.

Other creative kids Valentine’s Day Card ideas from Pear Tree include our With All Your Heart Valentine’s Day Photo Cards that are sure to make someone smile wherever they are hanging, a Heart Paper Chain Valentine’s Day Photo cards that opens to surprise friends and family with a picture inside; and our unique coloring cards that give children a simple way to add a personal touch.

Plus, a whole collection of affordable classroom valentines your kids can exchange at school, featuring everything from ninjas, to monsters, to dragons, to hearts and trains. This year, make sending Valentine’s Day Cards a little more personal and a lot more fun. And look for more kids valentine ideas on our blog!