A little Happiness Project anyone can do
Gretchen Rubin, author of the New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project, started a movement when she suggested that we can create our own happiness rather than waiting for it to come to us. Realizing one day that she wasn’t as happy as she’d like to be, she decided to dedicate a year to trying to be happier. She focused on one area of her life each month, doing small, manageable things, such as hugging more or cheerfully pitching in when someone asked for her help. What did she discover from her Happiness Project?

“It worked! I really did make myself happier by adding small, easy changes to my everyday routine. I was able to change my life without changing my life — no extra time, energy, or money required.” Read some of Gretchen’s Happiness Tips at Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Gretchen’s research seemed to prove one of the things we’ve been saying all along here at Pear Tree—that the little things we do mean the most. Like taking a few minutes to write a note and tell someone you love them, or that you are thinking of them, or that you support them. It not only strengthens the bond between the two of you, it also makes you feel good about yourself—happy, even. It is one of those simple, inexpensive gestures that means a lot.

One little box of personalized note cards won’t cost you much. It holds no magic powers, no life-changing secrets, sitting there in your desk drawer. But when you add a little love and a 49-cent stamp, it creates happiness, without being too big of a project. Who’d have thought that would be a bestselling idea?

Create your own personalized note cards at Pear Tree and start your own Happiness Project!