Bachelorette Invitation Ideas

Aren’t you lucky to be in charge of planning your friend’s last night of freedom? Sounds like a lot of fun to us! Your first priority should be to make sure your bachelorette invitations set the tone and get everybody in the mood to party.
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When looking at bachelorette invitation ideas you’ll find a wide variety of options, from over-the-top wild to sexy-sophisticated. It’s your job to decide how far to go. You know the bride better than anyone, so you’re in a perfect position to pick something fun and inviting to set the mood, while taking the bride’s personality into consideration.

Keep in mind that in addition to her life-long friends, she may want to invite newer friends from work or college friends she hasn’t seen in a while. The invitation should appeal to everyone. Consider ordering adhesive-backed gift tags to match the invitation—they make great name tags, which will help everyone get to know each other faster.

Bachelorette invitation ideas usually include a range of colors, which allows you to match the wedding colors or simply pick a color you know the bride will love. If you have a theme, such as a holiday or costume/dress up theme, this may help you decide on a color and style for your invitation, but the main thing is, keep it fun and make it memorable. It wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without a few surprises!

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Bachelorette Party Ideas


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