Spring Cleaning Checklist #stationery #spring #peartreegreetings
It’s spring. Finally! This has been the longest winter ever. (I say that every year, but this year it actually feels true.)  I don’t know why they call it spring cleaning, because for me the symptoms start about mid-January. I go stir-crazy and start to attack all the little things that are bugging me around the house. I fix the dining room chair that’s been broken for 4 years. I start patching nicks and dings in the walls and end up repainting three rooms. About a week ago, my husband had to stop me from demolishing a wall to expand my laundry room. Too much HGTV, I guess.

I don’t really have an official spring cleaning checklist, but there are several things I always do around this time of year: 

  1. Wash windows, especially on the south side of the house where the sun shows all the dirt. I won’t tell if you don’t do the north side.
  2. Wrap a cloth around a broom and sweep ceilings and upper walls free of dust and spider webs.
  3. Vacuum or dust lampshades and window blinds.
  4. Turn on the self-cleaning oven as soon as you can open the windows.
  5. Clean the grill, inside and out. Can you smell the steak cooking already? Yum.
  6. Clean porch furniture and put out the cushions.
  7. Clean out the closets – especially the kids’. I know it’s hard to admit sometimes, but your children have grown since last summer so it’s time to go through them and start a pile for a garage sale or give them to your friends’ for their kids.
  8. Clean out those cluttered desk drawers. Toss mismatched cards and envelopes and upgrade to some bright, fun personalized note cards for the new season.
  9. Get rid of those piles of paper that seem to be everywhere—expired coupons, catalogs, junk mail and magazines you’ll never read.
  10. Our favorite idea for spring cleaning is to clear off your kids’ showcased artwork from the refrigerator and turn it into personalized kids stationery! They worked hard at those beautiful paintings, drawings, cut outs, collages or wherever their imagination took them over the winter months and now you can share them with family and friends by putting their art on personalized stationery.

I hope you find this spring cleaning checklist helpful! Be sure to check out our personalized note cards for yourself and the kids. And if you’re going stir crazy, our blog is chock full of stationery ideas.