kids artworkSpring is here… finally! It’s time to open the windows, let the fresh air breeze through your house and listen to the birds chirping outside. No longer will we be hibernating inside — it’s time for the backyard BBQ’s to start with neighbors and friends, for yard games to come out of the garage and it’s definitely time to get the family out for walks and bike rides again! With all the fun that goes along with spring, there is household cleaning to be done, but don’t worry we have some creative spring cleaning ideas to make it more fun.

Let’s start with the refrigerator. Your kids were pent up in a house all winter, so I’m guessing if your house is anything like mine, your fridge is covered in their artwork. You don’t want to throw it away because you know how proud of it they are. Plus, each new drawing is evidence of their growth, as they progress from scribbles to full family portraits. Our new DIY note cards let you put any image on the front of a flat or folded note card to create your own personalized stationery. This is a great way to preserve kids’ artwork and create something fun and useful out of it. You can even tell the story of the artwork inside, using an optional text box. Both your kids and you will love having handy note cards around the house to use.

Now that you can see your fridge again, let’s move along to the computer desk. We’re betting there are a few note cards in the desk drawer with mismatched envelopes and address labels, some that are torn or have random pen markings. Since it is spring, we suggest cleaning out all the old ones and welcoming in the new season with some fresh new note cards or a few of our new personalized notepads. Your long list of spring cleaning ideas will look like a lot more fun when you write it on personalized notepads. 🙂

Shop our stationery collection for designs that make you want to sit outside on the steps and write a note to a girlfriend. Happy spring!