Art Project Ideas for Kids
Any day now my son is going to come home from school carrying the contents of his locker in his backpack, which will get dumped on our front porch table (or floor), where it shall remain for at least a month. Buried in the pile will be several pieces of artwork created in art class, including a few pieces of broken pottery that weren’t meant to be crammed into a backpack.

When we finally get around to putting it way, I will have to decide what to keep and what to throw away. I already have a stack of my favorite pieces, which I intend to give back to him someday. Each year I add one or two pieces to the pile. But one of my favorite art projects for kids is to take pictures of the more colorful or interesting pieces (I really hope the pottery makes it home in one piece this year) and create personalized note cards or stationery with the photos. That way he can use the stationery all year long, and be proud of his artwork on the front. Not many art project ideas for kids have a purpose, but this one does.

I will keep a copy of the stationery in his keepsake box, of course, and someday, when he empties out that locker for the last time, they will be even more precious than they are today.

Keep reading our blog for more fun kids ideas. And our DIY cards are easy to personalize with artwork instead of photos, so keep them in mind for future art projects!