Pen pals makes a great summer idea for kids #peartreegreetings #writing #stationery
My son is blessed with many relatives who love him and his sister dearly but, as in many families, our relatives live all around the world. After writing a letter to his Grandfather one day, he decided to write a note to his cousin in California. The note, written on one of his own personalized note cards, consisted of two sentences about how his cousin has GOT to read “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and some potty talk humor. They are both seven. Enough said.

My sister told me that when her son received my son’s note, he immediately wanted to write a note back. My son received the note a few days later, and couldn’t wait to write him back and also draw a (barely legible) comic strip. My sister and I agree that these wonderful notes will be cherished keepsakes as our sons grow up. We are enjoying it as much as the boys and think that having a pen pal is one of the greatest summer ideas for kids.

This exchange made me think about being a 5th grader and writing notes back and forth to my friend Lisa Fredericks in Mr. Ferraro’s English class. For many years I saved these notes. I remember how important it was to connect with her by writing, even though we saw each other every day and were essentially inseparable.

I love the idea of my kids connecting with their cousins by writing and expressing themselves with paper and pencils. Yes, they could talk on the phone, Facebook, or by text, and will eventually utilize some yet-to-be-developed form of communication. In the meantime, they are enjoying the decidedly low-tech method of putting pencil to paper.

Do you have any great summer ideas for kids to share? We’d love to hear from you! And if you like this pen pal idea, check out our collection of kids thank you cards to create their own personal stationery. For more kids ideas like this one, keep reading our blog.