Mom's KitWe have a group of awesome bloggers who actively participate in doing reviews and giveaways for Pear Tree Greetings, we call them our Pearistas. Monthly, the Pearistas keep their readers up to date on our new, fun product and they even give their readers a chance to win something free from us!

This month we challenged the Pearista group to write a note from our Mom’s Pack. It could be funny, heart-felt or just a cute note to make a friend’s day. The post of the week is … Jessie from Lucas Zoo! After learning her friend was going to appear on a TV segment, Jessie used the “Hey, Rock Star!” note card to give support to her friend who was going through a nerve-wracking, yet exciting time preparing for her big debut.

What makes this idea so great is that this card inspires you to write to a friend about an occasion or event in his or her life that you may not have because you didn’t have a card that emphasized your message. Jessie used this note card perfectly and I’m sure it delivered a much-appreciated smile.