Mommy cards are perfect for introducing yourself during the summer months #peartreegreetings #mommycards
School is over and the kids are home. During the first couple of weeks you’re adjusting to new routines and the kids are enjoying a little down time. You signed them up for soccer, bought the season pass at the pool and have day-camp on the calendar. But inevitably you will hear the dreaded, “Mom, I’m bored! There’s nothing to do!” You need a play date.

One way to be sure you’ll never run out of summer ideas for kids is to foster your relationships with other moms. A quick exchange of contact information gives other moms a way to get a hold of you over the long hot days of summer. Next time you go to a T-ball game or the local park, bring along your Mommy Cards.

These little business-size cards with your child’s name on them, along with your phone number or email address, make it easy to exchange contact information while juggling water bottles, tote bags and dirty baseball mitts. They’re especially great if you are new to the neighborhood and looking for ways to connect and searching for summer ideas for kids. Keep a few mommy cards in your purse and you’ll never scramble for a scrap of paper or pen again. And maybe, just maybe you’ll hear a few less complaints of “I’m bored!”

Keep reading our blog for more kids ideas (and mommy ideas). Mommy cards are quick and easy to make at Pear Tree Greetings!