Holiday Photo CardIt’s summer vacation and the cameras are out! Bet you’re thinking it’s time to get a fantastic photo for your holiday photo cards, right? We realize that July is a bit early to be thinking about the holidays, but it is the perfect time to get a great family photo. After all, the whole family is together, faces are tanned and smiling, and the scenery is, well, let’s just say no matter where you’re spending your vacation it’s a lot better than the options you’ll have in November!

Those sun-kissed faces are going to look warm and beautiful to those who receive your holiday photo card in December. And whether you’re on an exotic beach, a ride at Disneyland, or a rustic campsite, the photo will evoke wonderful memories for your family, as well as help you share a fun moment from your year with those you love.

Once you have your photo, you have the freedom to create your holiday cards anytime. Why not get them done early and have one less thing to do in December? Think about it. Christmas in July might just be the most relaxing and stress free Christmas you’ll ever have.