Summer recipe cardsAs the seasons change, so does my cooking. I have favorite winter recipes and favorite summer recipes and, just as I look forward to putting away the sweaters and getting out the shorts, I look forward to grilling outside and taking advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables that summer brings. I also look forward to summer potlucks and spending long balmy evenings on decks and patios with friends.

Everyone has their favorite, go-to recipes to bring to neighborhood get-togethers and family picnics. If your signature dish is a perennial crowd pleaser, the party host may even request it by name! We all love finding new recipes to try, especially ones that are easy to make and bring along to a party. But how many times have you been asked for a recipe and never got around to sending it? Or just as often, you’ve asked for someone else’s recipe and never received it?

Wouldn’t it be great if at your next summer gathering, everybody brought copies of their recipe to share along with their dish? It’s easy to make copies of recipe cards. They don’t have to be elaborate. And just think of all the benefits. Not only would you walk away from the party feeling great about all the compliments you got, you’d have lots of fresh new recipes to try at your next summer cookout. It’s a fun way to share a little of yourself and make a party memorable. And if it’s a big hit, why not try it other times of the year? Just think of all the wonderful recipes you could share during the holiday season!