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Moving announcement ideas from this Colorado homeowner #moving #peartreegreetingsMoving to Colorado was a big change for this month’s Featured Favorite. Debby, our creative customer, wanted her family’s moving announcements to have a little more meaning than a change of address. She liked our Paint Swatch Photo We’ve Moved Card, but they hadn’t painted their new house so she came up with her own moving announcement ideas to share with family and friends. “I wanted the card to have some meaning and I’m really into storytelling,” says Debby. “It hit me that what’s important to us is the ‘color’ of Colorado because it’s so new.”

She played with the paint swatches until she found the three she wanted: green for the grassy back yard they’d never had before, soft green for the foliage on the mountains nearby, and silvery gray for snow. Then she hit on the idea of numbering the swatches the way they are numbered in a store. “Conveniently, Denver is called 5280 because of the elevation, so that made my day! I wasn’t sure everyone would get that because I didn’t know that until I moved here, but I knew some would.”

Debby says, “I was happy with the way it turned out and that I could share our moving experience with more than just, ‘Here’s a pic of our house and new address.’ And it will always be a keepsake for us, reminding us of this new chapter in our lives.” We agree that it’s a keeper, Debby!

What fun moving announcement ideas from Debby! Keep reading our blog for more moving ideas or start shopping our moving announcements.