Teacher gift ideas that's better than an apple #peartreegreetings #teachergifts #backtoschool
Anyone with a child in elementary school knows that keeping track of schoolbooks is almost as hard as keeping track of kids. Books sent home for reading assignments have a way of disappearing under the bed or between the couch cushions and reappearing a year later, at which point Mom has to figure out where they belong. That’s where our fun book stickers come in handy as great teacher gift ideas.

Book stickers are personalized stickers you place inside the front cover of a book to identify whose it is. Teachers love book stickers because they are a quick and friendly way to ensure that their books make it back to the right classroom no matter where they are found. Moms who are looking for unique teacher gift ideas, whether at the beginning of the school year, around the holidays, or at the end of the year, can’t go wrong with a set of book stickers personalized for their child’s teacher.

Many schools hold book drives or book sales as fundraisers during the school year, which is also a great time to give book stickers. During these events families purchase books for their kids and teachers purchase, or receive as gifts, books they need for their classrooms. A percentage of the profits goes toward the school or PTA/PTO projects. If your school has a book drive, think about supplementing your gift of a book for your child’s classroom with a set of book stickers for the teacher. It’s better than an apple any day!

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