We’re profiling team members at Pear Tree Greetings to show you which unique Christmas card ideas they chose and how they personalized them.

Pet Lover Christmas card

About Wyatt: I am married, and my wife and I don’t have kids yet, but we do have a dog, named Stanza.

Card he chose: Vintage Pattern in Green – Christmas Greeting Photo Card

Why did you choose this card?
I am a photographer and was looking for a full photo card that would give me a chance to show a little bit of my work. I chose this one because I like the unusual shape and the design on the back. A lot of Pear Tree’s cards make great pet Christmas card ideas, i just had to find one that worked with the shape of my photo.

Did you do anything special to personalize it?
We don’t think people care what we look like, but family and friends seem to love our dog (I think maybe more than me and my wife). I chose one of my favorite photos of Stanza and cropped in very closely so you can see the snowflakes on her fur. That gives it a little holiday feeling.

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