We’re profiling team members at Pear Tree Greetings to show you which unique Christmas card ideas they chose and how they personalized them.

Multi-photo Christmas card

About Thao: My husband and I love to travel. This year I visited Vietnam, Colorado, California (twice), and I am heading to Hawaii in December.

Card she chose: Travels and Memories – Photo Collage Holiday Cards

Why did you choose this card?
I love that this card allows me to use multiple photos and tell fun details about our year on the back. We have so many things to share, and I’m not very good at picking just one. For family and friends who did not get to see us, sending a card like this one is a way of checking in with them and telling them what we’re up to.

Did you do anything special to personalize it?
I made it mine by picking photos that I loved. The pictures by themselves tell stories about us, but the letter on the back is just icing! I think the finished card really shows the adventurous side to our personalities. Not everyone gets to see that throughout the year, so it’s fun to have a chance to share it.

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