Gift wrapping ideas using personalized gift tags #peartreegreetings #holidays #gifttags
One of the moms here at Pear Tree Greetings used one of our Christmas gift wrapping ideas as a special surprise for her 3-year old daughter. She ordered a set of Christmas gift tags for each of her children, with their photos on them, so that on Christmas morning when her daughter was looking through the gifts under the tree she could easily find the ones meant for her.

“It really added an element of fun and excitement to the morning as we watched her face light up each time she found one.” Their son was old enough to read, so for him the photo on the gift tag was simply for decoration. “Funny thing was, our daughter was just as excited to find gifts for him. She loved being in charge and handing out all the gifts as though she could ‘read’ the tags.” This Christmas gift wrapping idea made for such a nice memory, they are going to do it again this year.

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