It’s not just a valentine. It’s a puppet! It’s a plane! It’s a lollipop holder! Handing out valentines at school is a lot more fun when your valentine does something nobody else’s does. We had just one thought in mind when designing Pear Tree’s Valentine’s Day collection this year—what would kids love to get their hands on?

Valentine Candy Cards -- Stylish Mustache
A card that holds a treat seems to solve two problems at once: whether to hand out a card or a treat, and how to attach your card to the candy if you want to hand out both. Our Love and Lips Kids Valentine’s Day Cards and Stylish Mustache Kids Valentine’s Day Cards have a little hole punched through them, so kids can insert a lollipop. The cards are personalized with their name, so there’s no need to sign each one. Perfect for parents, too!

kids Valentine's Day card
Kids will also love the Up and Away Airplane Kids Valentine’s Day Cards, which they can either fold before handing out, or let their friends do the honors. They’ll have fun watching, as their valentines take flight.

kids Valentine's Day cards
Even more fun is the Kids Frog Finger Puppets Kids Valentine’s Day Cards. Kids can put their fingers through the holes to act as the frog’s legs and make it leap around. Other finger puppet valentines include an elephant, bunny and caterpillar. Just wait till you see our interactive kids’ valentine card ideas—we think they are some of our best valentines yet!

Look for more kids valentine ideas on our blog. You can also personalize and shop for all these kids valentine’s day cards on our website. Be sure to check out our new collection of affordable classroom valentines while you’re there!