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Valentine's Day photo cardsThis Valentine’s Day photo card will be a big surprise for the family and friends of this soon-to-be family of four. They decided to use one of our heart-filled Valentine photo card ideas to announce a new baby on the way.

Jennifer, the expectant mom, explains, “I decided to do a Valentine’s Day photo card because giving valentines out as a child was always something I looked forward to doing. I have done it often as an adult for coworkers, friends and family, though a photo valentine will be a first. I think this will be my best ever! What could define love better than a growing family?”

Jennifer created a big pink heart printed with the baby’s due date to hold in the photo, along with another heart that said “Big Sis” for her daughter to hold. We love how their photo ties in with the hearts strung across the top of the Blissful Heart Banner Valentine’s postcard. Of course, the “Please deliver to” message on the address side of the postcard couldn’t be more perfect.

Only a few friends and immediate family are in on the secret, so it should be a huge surprise for everyone else who receives it. “Hopefully it will make them smile,” says Jennifer. “I can’t wait for the calls to follow!”

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