Valentine's Day IdeasValentine’s Day may not be the most important holiday of the year, but it does happen to be one of our favorites, if for no other reason than its perfect timing. It brightens our winters and gives us something to look forward to, just when we need it most. Everybody can use a little love in February!

In fact, the worst thing we can say about Valentine’s Day is that it only happens once a year. Couldn’t we all use a little love every day–not to mention flowers and chocolate? But (sigh) life is not a reality show. Some of us have to work a little harder to make it a fairy tale. And for those that do, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day ideas that can keep the love messages going all year long.

When you keep little love notes on hand, such as our Heart Cut-Out Notelettes, you’re ready for anything: a quick “Thank you,” to show he’s appreciated; an “I’m sorry, let’s talk,” note after an argument; the “I miss you. Let’s make a play date,” when life gets busy; or the “I love you” for no particular reason, which is the best kind of “I love you,” don’t you think?

Of course, having perfect little notelettes available for Valentine’s Day ideas doesn’t mean you’ll use them. But they do make it easier and a lot more fun when the mood strikes. While Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day we celebrate love, it’s the little messages we send the rest of the year, written and unwritten, that keep the spark alive. We may be biased, but we like the written ones. They’re made to last.

Look for more Valentine’s Day ideas on our blog. And start shopping for your Valentine’s Day photo cards or kids classroom valentines cards, if you don’t already have them picked out!