Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids: 10 ways to make Valentine’s Day special

10 ways to make it a happy Valentine's DayWe all know what to do on Valentine’s Day for our spouses or significant others. But moms love to make the day special for our kids, too, just to let them know they’re loved. We’ve come up with ten Valentine’s Day ideas for kids that say, “Be my Valentine,” in a creative way!

Heart-shaped pancakes
10. Heart-shaped breakfast

Start the day right with heart-shaped pancakes, toast, or waffles. Make first, then use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut them into a heart shape. (Or pack their lunch with a heart-shaped sandwich!)

Make it pink
9. Make it pink

Use red food coloring to make any light-colored food or drink pink. Whether it’s pink milk, oatmeal, or cream cheese on their bagels, making it pink makes it fun!

8. Strawberry smoothie
You don’t need red food coloring to make a pink drink if you have strawberries in the house. Who wouldn’t love a strawberry smoothie for breakfast or an after-school snack?

Note in Lunch
7. Note in lunch

Slip a valentine or love note in their lunch to keep the love flowing all day long.

Strawberry hearts
6. Strawberry hearts

Cut the stems off fresh strawberries and slice them lengthwise to look like hearts. Or serve strawberries dipped in chocolate for a special treat.

Pillow mints
5. Candy on the pillow

Put a chocolate heart or other valentine candy on your child’s pillow to find before going to bed.

Paper roses
4. Paper roses

Craft or tissue paper roses are a fun activity to do on Valentine’s Day. Create a whole bouquet to display or give away.

Surprise balloons
3. Surprise balloons

Order a bouquet of red and pink helium filled balloons and let them wake up to a fun surprise on Valentine’s Day.

Candy hearts
2. Candy hearts trail

Leave a trail of candy hearts leading to a fun surprise at the end. Or hide candy hearts and let your kids look for them.

Candy hearts messages
1. Candy hearts messages

Create a message they’ll see when they get home from school, or play a game and see who can come up with the silliest sentence using the words on the candy hearts.

Many of these Valentine’s Day ideas for kids will work for big kids, too (hint, hint)! Look for more Valentine’s Day ideas and ways to make the day special on our blog. Start shopping for your Valentine’s Day photo cards or classroom valentines, if you don’t already have them picked out!
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