Graduation Contest Entry #4

Growing up he lived in the shadow of his two older sisters’ 4.0’s. He studied and studied and studied but could never do well enough. Thankfully in high school that all changed with the help of a few wonderful teachers who found new ways to break through his challenges. Suddenly the child that we all hoped would just get through high school was accepted to Penn State University. However, his dream came to a roaring halt one night as he was life flighted to the hospital with sudden onset acute anemia. The doctors did not know what it was as it only strikes about one person in the world per year. He was in the ICU and had several blood transfusions. The doctors talked about using chemo therapy to kill whatever it was that was killing my baby brother. He got better. It took a year of daily then twice weekly then weekly visits to a doctor two hours away, but he got better. Then he went to Penn State. My brother, Adam, is graduating with honors this summer and going to start his career in computer forensics. Last week he also proposed to his high school sweetheart. After a difficult road of learning and health challenges, he is about to take his first steps into his new role as a great man.

Written by: Adam’s sister, Ashley


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