Graduation Contest Entry #5

Not often can you say that your child taught you to be a better person. On March 15, 2011 my daughter, Chelsea, had that opportunity. A close friend, Chelsea called her a BFF, and softball teammate of Chelsea’s was in a car accident. Savannah Ramza held on for a few days, but in the end the brain injury was too massive to survive. Savannah was an organ donor. There was a period of time between when the family made the grueling choice to donate as many organs as they could and when Savannah went in for surgery to harvest her organs. That day, a little over a year ago, Chelsea sat with Savannah and her dad, after all the family had said good bye. She sat with her, stroked her leg, told her how much she was giving to those other families, and was privileged to watch Savannah’s dad say good-bye as well. Chelsea was stronger than I could have been. She was stronger than many adults I know could have been. She was stronger than I ever wanted to see her have to be. She taught me, in those few days of her life, what it’s like to be a friend. Not just the kind who shares clothes, laughs at jokes, catches rides on Friday night, shares secrets (she was that friend too), but the kind who will stay, love, wait and put her own hurt and fear aside to truly love unconditionally. I carry that lesson every day and it makes me a better friend, mom, wife. Many will not ever know what Chelsea did that day, but she will know. It will matter to her.

Written by: Chelsea’s mother, Krissy


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