It’s time to announce the winners of our grad contest! But first, a big thanks to everyone who entered. We were inspired by your stories, and moved by your obvious pride in your grad’s talents, strengths and accomplishments.

Dylan 1st place winnerOur first place winner is Brenda, a single mom whose son Dylan impressed us with his maturity, self-discipline, and dedication to friends, family, sports, volunteering, and hard work. He has been a big part of his community, volunteering and coaching all while being on the dean’s list. Read his full story here.

Congratulations to Brenda and Dylan! They will receive $100 toward graduation announcements, thank you notes, or anything else they need at Pear Tree Greetings.



Adrienne - 2nd placeSecond place winner is Robin, who is (and should be!) very proud of her daughter Adrienne’s poise, grace and artistic abilities. She has stood for her beliefs and embraced the family’s thrift-shop ways. Read her full story here.

They will receive $50 to spend on graduation items at Pear Tree.




Chelsea - 3rd place

And our third place winner is Krissy, whose daughter Chelsea showed great strength in the face of tragedy when her best friend was killed in a car accident during their junior year. Krissy showed what it meant to be a good friend while she sat by her friend’s bedside. Read her full story here.

Krissy will receive $20 to spend at Pear Tree.

Have fun picking out your graduation announcements, and good luck to the grads on the next step of their journey!