Kid’s Monster Birthday Party

Kid's Monster Birthday Party
I started thinking about kids’ birthday party ideas shortly after I discovered Pinterest — so, essentially, last Fall. My two sons’ birthdays are relatively close, March 15th and April 10th, so I thought I’d do everyone a favor, myself included, and throw a joint party. I knew our product design team was going to be creating a Monster Birthday Party Invitation and after some initial searches for monster party ideas, the theme was set. One would think that since I had the theme picked out nearly six months in advance, I’d have plenty of time to scrap, craft, create, make, etc., right? When did I actually start? That crazy lady running around on lunch break the day before the party starting to purchase supplies? Yep, that was me. 🙂
Kid's Monster Birthday Party
For décor, I knew I wanted some high impact wall pieces as well as a few little touches here and there. I had seen a few tutorials for giant wall prints online, but found the tutorial over at Infarrantly Creative to be most helpful. (Remember, I started everything the night before the party, so I can vouch that this isn’t that time intensive of a project!) Then I created a little photo banner/garland featuring four photos of each boy from previous milestones. If I was really on top of it, I’d have had photos for each month at least for Grayson, my youngest who turned one, but I’m clearly not that on top of it! My wonderful Aunt came down the night before to help when she heard the overwhelming amount of stuff I wanted to accomplish. She is a whiz at sewing (I’m not even sure I could sew a button) and whipped out the monster pillows that I also used as little party favors for my nieces. They were loved by all! One of the last things I did was decorate our front door. With a plastic tablecloth from the party store and construction paper teeth and googly eyes, it really set the Monster party theme for all our guests!
Kid's Monster Birthday Party
We ended up with far too much food and treats, so there wasn’t too much room left on the table to decorate, which was actually perfect. Pear Tree is working on a new product line, personalized confetti (coming soon), so I was able to get an advance order to sprinkle on the table (one of the perks of being an employee!). I also ordered Monster Favor Tags to tie around the napkin and flatware sets. Loved how the tables turned out, and they were both set under one of the giant wall frames.
Kid's Monster Birthday Party
We had a lot of fun planning the food and drinks. I knew I wanted to have Monster Juice, as I had purchased these 12 oz. sauce bottles from Specialty Bottle and knew they’d look great with a Monster Favor Tag and straw. I will admit there were a lot of adorable food ideas that actually resembled monster parts…but my timeline didn’t really allow for that. I used coordinating Monster Address Labels, which I ordered without the text and made table tents out of card stock to label the food. We made do with what we had, and the kids thought the food was so fun! They may or may not have thought they would turn into monsters overnight…
Kid's Monster Birthday Party
Did I mention we had plenty of food and treats? A fellow Pear Tree colleague made the cakes and cupcakes, and a previous co-worker made the cookies. I’ll let you pause for a moment and review the photos and how amazing the cookies and cakes were. That’s my little guy in the middle, he definitely approved of the cake!

Kid's Monster Birthday PartyI hope you enjoyed my Monster Birthday Bash as much as we did, it was so much fun putting everything together (rushed or not!). For more information on everything I just shared and more how-tos, visit my blog, A Peek Into 31 Otter Court. My day job is the Marketing and Merchandising Manager here at Pear Tree, but in my free time I truly love putting together events like this, helping friends with their weddings, parties, showers, etc., as well as dabbling in a little photography and, of course, spending as much time with my boys as I can! I am hosting a baby shower in April and can-not-wait to get started! Well, who am I kidding, I’ll shoot for Thursday night before the shower, instead of Friday. 🙂

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Christy's day job is the Marketing and Merchandising Manager at Pear Tree, but in her free time she loves putting together events like birthday parties for her two boys, helping friends with their weddings, parties, showers, etc., dabbling in photography, and spending time with her family. She is quick to tell you that her preoccupation with Pinterest is not an addiction. It's market research. To get to know Christy a little better, visit her blog, A Peek Into 31 Otter Court.

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13 thoughts on “Kid’s Monster Birthday Party

  1. I absolutely loved reading this blog, I saw your pictures in an email I received from ‘Pear Tree Greetings.’ The party you put together for your two adorable children looked amazing and by the looks of all those smiles, was a lot of fun too! My sister who has two children puts together the most amazing parties for her children so I’ll have to send her this link, I’m sure she’ll enjoy it. Wishing you and your family all the love and happiness!

  2. OMG, that is so awesome! I hope I can come with something super cool like you when my son gets older. He’s only 15 months; so, it’s long way from now.

    1. Thank you! I am positive you can come up with something great for your son’s birthday party. I would just suggest starting sooner than the night before the party. Thanks again for your comment!

  3. Wow! This puts my monster to shame! I think my boys are the same age as yours and we did a joint party as well (great minds think alike!) I wish I had known about Pear Tree’s monster party invites before I DIY’d mine. They were such a disaster and I absolutely LOVE the design from Pear Tree. I would love for you to stop by and check out my monster party if your interested.
    -Sarah @ Repeat Crafter Me

    1. Sarah, your party was amazing! You did such a great job on all of the details, love the monster shirts and hats! Thanks for sharing your party with us!

  4. This is just adorable. The way to make a birthday party perfect for children is to cater to their specific likes and dreams! So a fairy theme or princess theme is great for the little girl that loves those things. Once you find the right theme, the next step is decor and games! This is a perfect example of that.

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