Pear Tree’s office fun: Christmas in April

We wanted to share our office fun we had the past couple weeks. Our Marketing Coordinator, Katie, went on vacation last Saturday to Mexico so our office team decided they wanted her to come back to a holiday-filled surprise. While she was gone, we wrapped everything in and around her desk including her chair, stapler, picture frames, file cabinets, walls, computer, candy bowl and of course her desk itself. She was welcomed back this Monday morning with jolly smiles!

Office FunWhat do you think of our work? Have you done anything like this to your co-workers? We’d love to hear your ideas (and possibly try them out in the future)!


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2 thoughts on “Pear Tree’s office fun: Christmas in April

  1. This is fun!
    When I first started working for our Congresman we were all new to the job. One of our coworkers was very into how his office looked. He brought in furniture, a rug, pictures, side table and even table lamps. One day he was out for a few hours and we moved all of his stuff into the front lobby… we quickly found out that he wasn’t one for practical jokes but we all had a good laugh anyway!

  2. Haha! That’s great, too bad he wasn’t into jokes though. Usually they are a fun icebreaker when people are new to the office – glad you and the other co-workers got a good laugh. 🙂 I think we’ll have to try that one – thanks for the idea!

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