Rainbow First Birthday Party

Ring Around the RibbonBright primary colors are perfect for your baby’s first birthday, and one of the easiest kids birthday party ideas to plan because bright colors are everywhere! Celebrations.com featured a Rainbow 1st Birthday Party inspired by our Ring Around the Ribbon kids birthday invitations, and from the bright outdoor banners to the colorful cake, there was a rainbow of color everywhere you looked.

Rainbow PartyThe snack table was a cornucopia of color, with carrots, celery, strawberries, and salty snacks in yellow and purple. The layers of fruit in the ice cream cake created beautiful ribbons of color in each slice. And colorful soda bottles in various fruit flavors made a rainbow out of the drinks, too.

Rainbow PartyThe kids’ favorite spot was the Colorful Candy Bar, where beach pails of every color were filled with color-coordinated candy treats, bubbles, sidewalk chalk and easy-to-make homemade crayons. Treat bags were decorated with round birthday favor stickers, and kids could fill their bags from the buckets.

The colorful Twister mat fit right into the rainbow party theme, and was the perfect indoor activity when it began to rain. Kids of all ages enjoyed the colorful birthday theme!



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